Quality Inspector (QC)

Lockhart, Florida, United States



Perform duties to monitor performance of products in the custom assembly or tape automated bonding (TAB) area, verify required procedures have been followed, and check that parts meet required specifications and quality standards, complying with

i instructions and prescribed routines , methods or procedures and involving the making of minor decisions.


1. Work from travelers, build prints , specifications, procedures, and instructions.

2. Conduct kitting inspection to compare kitting against build prints to verify correct

materials were used.

3. Pull sample of in process and post encapsul ation products and inspect to ensure products meet workmanship standards. Monitor procedures and conduct sample inspection of wire bond and die attach (chip scale packaging) products or tab bond and encapsulation products to ensure compliance with quality standards.

4. Send acceptable assembled products to inventory. Submit quality control action

report (QCAR) for failed material to supervisor.

5. Aud it freezer for temperature and expired supplies.

6. Aud it particle count by measuring air quality periodically.

7. Enter inspection data and results into computer system.o

8. Review incoming assembly purchase order and raw material prints. Compare measurements against prints. Verify quantities to ensure required materials exist. Record requ ired documentation on incoming logs.

9. Print wafer maps and distribute as required.

10. Maintain written and practical inspection certifications.


1. Perform or assist with an y operations, as required to maintain workflow and to meet schedule s and quality requirements. Notify supervision of unusual equipment or operating problems and the need for additional material and supplies.

2. Maintain safe work area and comply with safety procedures and equipment

operating ru l es keeping work area in a clean and order y condition.

3. Participate in any variety of m eetings and work groups to integrate activities, communicate issues, obtain approvals, resolve problems and maintain specified level of knowledge pertaining to new developments, requirements, and policies.

4. Perform other related duties as assigned.

5. Follow clean room and other environmental precautions and procedures as


6. Assist with incoming inspections as necessary.


Preference is given to those with experience in the industry.


Computer and usual peripherals, thermometer, particle counter, microscope, micrometer,

caliper, and required clean room clothing.

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